Vasile Stancu

New Testament Greek for Beginners

(Based on the book with the same title by Gresham Machen, The MacMillan Company, 1923)


Lesson I The Alphabet
Lesson II Accent
Lesson III Present Active Indicative
Lesson IV The Second Declension. Order of Words. Movable ν
Lesson V The First Declension
Lesson VI The Article Adjectives of the First and Second Declension. Agreement. Use of the Article. Attributive and Predicate Positions of Adjectives. Substantive Use of Adjectives
Lesson VII Masculine Nouns of the First Declension. Prepositions
Lesson VIII Enclitics. Personal Pronouns. Present Indicative of εἰμί
Lesson IX Demonstrative Pronouns. Further Uses of αὐτός
Lesson X Present Middle and Passive Indicative. ὑπό with the Genitive. The Dative of Means. Deponent Verbs. Compound Verbs. The Position of οὐ. Various Cases with Verbs
Lesson XI Imperfect Active Indicative. Imperfect Indicative
Lesson XII Imperfect Middle and Passive Indicative. Singular Verb with Neuter Plural Subject. Uses of καὶ and οὐδέ
Lesson XIII Future Active and Middle Indicative
Lesson XIV First Aorist Active and Middle Indicative. Constructions with πιστεύω
Lesson XV Second Aorist Active and Middle Indicative
Lesson XVI Aorist Passive Indicative. Future Passive Indicative
Lesson XVII The Third Declension
Lesson XVIII Present Participles. Use of Participles
Lesson XIX Aorist Participles Active and Middle. Use of Participles (continued). The Negatives οὐ and μή
Lesson XX Aorist Passive Participle. Genitive Absolute
Lesson XXI The Subjunctive Mood
Lesson XXII The Present and Aorist Infinitives. The Articular Infinitive. Indirect Discourse. Proper Names
Lesson XXIII Contract Verbs
Lesson XXIV Future and First Aorist Active and Middle of Liquid Verbs. Future of εἰμί. Reflexive Pronouns
Lesson XXV More Nouns of the Third Declension. Adjectives of the Third Declension in -ης, -ες
Lesson XXVI Declension of πᾶς, πολύς, μέγας. Numerals. Attributive and Substantive Uses of Prepositional Phrases and of the Genitive. Accusative of Extent of Time and Space
Lesson XXVII Interrogative, Indefinite, and Relative Pronouns. Deliberative Questions. Conditional Relative Clauses
Lesson XXVIII The Imperative Mood
Lesson XXIX The Perfect Tense. Review of λύω
Lesson XXX Comparison of Adjectives. Declension of μείζων. Genitive of Comparison and Use of ἤ. Adverbs. Genitive with Adverbs of Place. Genitive of Time. Genitive of the Articular Infinitive Expressing Purpose. Dative of Respect Accusative of Specification. Dative of Time. Possessive Adjectives. μή Used as a Conjunction. ἵνα with the Subjunctive in Various Uses. μή with the Indicative in Questions Expecting a Negative Answer
Lesson XXXI Conjugation of δίδωμι. Second Aorist of γινώσκω. The Article before μέν and δέ. The Aorist Participle Denoting the Same Act as the Leading Verb. First Aorist Endings on Second Aorist Stems
Lesson XXXII Conjugation of τίθημι, ἀφίημι, δείκνυμι, and ἀπόλλυμι. Accusative and Infinitive in Result Clauses. The Subjunctive after ἔως
Lesson XXXIII Conjugation of ἵστημι and οἶδα. The Optative Mood. Conditions Contrary to Fact. Uses of γίνομαι