Vasile Stancu

Audio Samples

This page contains Ancient Greek text, read in accordance with the pronunciation system proposed in this material.

Some of the material has been arranged as reading exercises: passages are recorded and pauses are inserted of about the same lenght of time associated with the reading, allowing thus the listener to repeat aloud the respective passage; for instance, the book 1 John.

For comparison, as has been done in the page dedicated to pronunciation, a passage is added here in Modern Greek (1 John 1:1-7), read in accordance with the rules of the modern version of Greek language.

Genesis 1
Iesirea 20 Exodus 20 - listen Exodus 20 - practice
Luke 1 Luke 1 - listen Luke 1 - practice
Luke 2 Luke 2 - listen Luca 2 - practice
1 John 1 John - whole book 1 John - chapters practice 1 John - beginner 1 John - intermediate 1 John - advanced
Modern Greek