Vasile Stancu

New Testament Greek for Beginners (Lesson VII - audio samples)

77. Vocabulary (audio)

ἄγγελος, ὁ an angel, a messenger
ἄγω I lead
ἀπό prep. with gen. from
βάλλω I throw, I cast, I put
διά prep. with gen. through; with acc. on account of
εἰς prep. with acc. into
ἐκ (ἐξ before vowels), prep. Ac. out of
ἐν prep. with dat. in
θεός, ὁ a god, God (When it means God, θεός may have the article)
κόσμος, ὁ a world
λίθος, ὁ a stone
μαθητής, ὁ a disciple
μένω I remain
μετά prep. cu gen. with ; with acc. after
οὐρανός, ὁ heaven
πέμπω I send
πρός prep. with acc. to
προφήτης, ὁ a prophet
τέκνον, τό a child
τόπος, ὁ a place
φέρω I bear, I bring